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Lancaster County Sheriff Programs (My 911 and Silver Connections)

From:  Sgt. Bill Murphy

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office 

RE:  2 New Programs 

I have attached two new programs for seniors please review them and you may send them out to everyone, post them on your web site or if you know someone who wants them and they can’t print them off please have them contact me.
My 911 – is a form that people can fill out and place information that they believe Law Enforcement, EMS or Fire should know in the event of a response to their residence. Information such as but not limit too. I have a big dog, my neighbor at ___________ has a key to my residence, there is someone at this address to has Autisim, Alzheimer’s is hard of hearing ETC…
The Senior Connection – this is for people who are mostly home bound or have no family to check on them regularly. This form can be filled out and returned to us so our Volunteers  can call them on a weekly basis to check on them and if anything were to seem wrong  then contact their caregiver, Emergency Contact or EMS. If contact can’t be made then a Deputy would be sent to check on their status.
If you have any question feel free to contact me. 
Sgt Bill Murphy
Crime Prevention/Community Service Officer
Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office
803-313-2148 Office
803-288-2734 Cell